Saskia in Warrior II pose, ocean in the background

1:1 Tantric Hatha Yoga Classes

Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga has made its way from the caves of the Himalayas into our modern-day life, brought forward by outstanding teachers in an unbroken lineage of mostly oral transmission. Tantra is a way of life and practice to realize what holds us back and empower the parts of ourselves that propel us forward to rise into the unique power that we carry within. Traditional Tantra has very little to do with what modern-day interpretations show us. Instead of short-term pleasure, true tantric practices awaken you to your true potential and help you grow beyond your wildest dreams. A teacher and a dedicated practice evolve you into the stable and strong pillar of light for the community that you already are.

You are the only one who can realize your own limitless potential. I am honoured to help you walk this path, with the techniques, tradition, and my own experience walking this path.

Private Hatha Yoga classes are right for you if:

  • – You are just starting out on the path and would like to be introduced to Yoga in your own pace and in honour of your individual needs.
  • – You have been practising for a while, but you would like to dive deeper into the subtle aspects of the practice, like mudras (gestures), nidra (yogic sleep) or bandhas (energy locks) that are usually not taught in group classes.
  • – You would like your Yoga practice to empower your life outside of your practice and you are craving a practice that honours your individual energetic, mental, and physical needs.
How Do Private Yoga Classes Work?

Private Hatha Yoga classes can take place either in person in your home or a studio space in Dunedin or online via zoom. Depending on your intentions and goals in-person classes might be preferable.

I offer two different private Tantric Hatha Yoga packages:

1 Single Private Session

This could be:

  • – a single guided yoga/meditation/nidra session
  • – answer/work on specific questions for your asana/pranayama/meditation practice
  • – develop or work on a sādhana/daily practice for you to practice independently
2 Five Private Session Bundle

This package is useful if:

  • – you are just starting your yoga journey
  • – you would like to dive deeper into the subtle aspects of practice (mudra, bandha, nidra, mantra, meditation…)
  • – you would like to start or continue your sādhana/daily practice work and receive support
  • – you would like to receive support working through one or two current challenges or goals


I approached the personalised practice that Saskia developed for me with a real commitment to practising every day, for 30 days. Initially, this was as respect for all the effort she put into developing the practice: the phone and in-person consultations, creating two videos (one forty-five minutes, and the other an hour and a half) to guide me, and the support along the way. As the days went on, more and more, I was showing up for myself. My practice was developed to offer grounding and nourishment. I struggled with sleeping, the first day of my practice, as soon as my head touched the pillow, I was asleep. I began sleeping better, I had developed a better appetite and was slowly putting on the weight that I had tried so hard to gain. Your practice will be different and tailored to your needs. Mine was absolutely perfect for me. I saw changes in my energy levels instantly. Not only did I complete 30 days, but I also hit 40 days, and did 5 extra days for good measure! Through this Saskia was present, offering encouragement and answering all my questions. I can't recommend her personalised practice service more - it's an investment in yourself, that you and even those around you will benefit from. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher to develop this for me and to guide me through it. Thank you, Saskia.

Vanisha, Dunedin