• Belonging: 3-Month Women's Circle 29th of January | 26th of February | 26th of March

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    It’s time for honest connections. This is the place where you belong.

    Did the holidays leave you drained and overwhelmed by family, friends, kids, or just the state of the world?
    Do you feel like no one knows you for real and that you can’t share all that you are with the people around you?
    Do you sometimes feel like you’re the only one struggling while everyone else has it all figured out?

    Let me tell you one thing: You are not alone.

  • Tantric Hatha Yoga: Sun Wednesdays at 6pm

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    Do you feel stagnant, sad, tired, or lazy?
    Do you struggle to trust in life?
    Are you keen to explore the subtler realms of your yoga practice?

    Tantric Hatha Yoga is an ancient tradition of systematic techniques to create a unique and fulfilling life. First, we steady the moon (mind), then we rise the sun (prana or life-force), and finally, fuel the fire of transformation.

    This 8-week course offers you an introduction to the traditional tantric view on yoga practice, tools to enhance your practice, and finally, a technique to create your personal and consistent sadhana (practice).

    This course is stage two of your tantric Hatha journey – Sun. You will leave this course more vibrant, more alive, and more ready to excel on your path. A stable, calm, and grounded mind is a prerequisite for this course.