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A Simple Practice for Everybody and Every Body

Yin Yoga is a simple practice for everybody and every body. A time to slow down, tune in, and let go of the busyness of life. Allow your body, mind, and heart to explore stillness, discomfort, and softness. In Yin Yoga, floor-based postures are held in stillness for a couple of minutes at a time, creating a slight discomfort for body and mind. Once we soften into this discomfort, we are able to access and release deep-seated tension within. Each week, we explore different themes. Every class contains asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork), and a short meditation to end with.

No previous yoga experience is necessary to gift yourself the gift of Yin Yoga. Please bring your own mat or rent a studio mat for $2. All other props like bolsters, blocks, and blankets are provided.

Saskia is an experienced yoga teacher who has seen many different bodies, stories, and tension during her classes. Yin Yoga changed her life for the better. Once she was able to soften into the discomfort that this practice often creates in the first place, she found a simpler way of being.

I was looking to try yoga, I went to a couple of studios were I felt completely out of place being the only male, as if I didn't fit in there. I was then introduced to Saskia by a close friend then attended my first yin yoga session at Studio Tula and was immediately blown away. Upon arrival, though a little late, I was warmly welcomed by Saskia and others there. That makes a huge difference straight away. Studio Tula itself is lovely, a very inviting place where you just want to hang out regardless of what goes on there. I was unsure as to what I needed, mats are provided for a small donation and Saskia grabbed the props I needed for the class, which are supplied. We then started, the poses aren't hard and the focus isn't on doing handstands with your legs behind your ears. It's simple and not complicated. The way Saskia guides you throughout the session makes it very easy to follow the movements, relax and breathe. Now it's my favorite time of the week, I work in a particularly stressful environment within my industry and a Tuesday evening is such a fitting time for me. I've just gotten into my working week and sets me up well for the remainder of the week nicely. I recommend Saskias yin yoga class to anyone and I'm now always trying to drag my friends along with me. You completely forget about time and the distractions of day to day life. I'm incredibly grateful for the beautiful space I can now come to and just, be. Since starting yoga with Saskia, I've started practicing at home whenever I can and have been able to observe a drastic shift within myself, my mental/emotional health is being strengthened and I'm loving it.
There is real power in what Saskia is providing in her classes. It's definitely suitable for anyone and everyone should try it!


Drop-in price: $20

5-Class Pass: $90

10-Class Pass: $150

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Slow down. Tune in. Let go.