• Undulations - Yin Yoga & Live Music 17th October 2020 6pm Studio Tula

    Let yourself be moved by the ebb and flow of life. A special collaboration to slow down, tune in, listen, and feel.

    Yin Yoga is a simple practice for everybody and every body. It’s the counterbalance for our overly busy lives. And the container to connect to your inner ebb and flow, the constant rise and fall of discomfort, breath, and emotions.

    Saskia Seeling is an experienced Yin Yoga teacher who has worked with many different people, bodies and stories. Her own experience of the depth of this practice is creating the space for you to dive deep yourself.

    Phoebe James is a singer-songwriter whose voice, music, and writing take you on a soulful journey back home to yourself. The waves of her heartfelt sounds direct your inner ebb and flow into unknown depths and highs.

    We can’t wait to flow through this special evening with you.

  • Release & Unwind Retreat 5th/6th December, Quarantine Island

    Release & Unwind Banner2020 is a year like unlike any for all of us. It asks us to grow into unknown strength, to surrender our illusion of control and to release more and more of what we took for granted.

    Gift yourself a time out and a unique opportunity to let go of this unique year. In the stunning surrounding of Quarantine Island, you will have opportunities to find peace, closure, and a powerful outlook into the new year ahead.

    Through the tools of yoga, meditation, and self-development, Riana and Saskia will guide you through a weekend filled with opportunities to come back to yourself. Release what is no longer serving you, honour the massive shifts of this year, and find a heart-felt intention for the year to come.

    We can’t wait to round up this year with you.