Legs with a white skirt standing on a rock

Mentoring: Remember Your Freedom Within

The true role of a teacher is part of a timeless tradition of guiding individuals personally and professionally to live into their unique purpose.

Prioritizing our own growth is an individual choice, but with guidance, we don’t have to take the long road towards our most true and beautiful life.

My mentoring program is about working with you 1:1 on living your most free and powerful life. This is my most powerful and heartfelt offering and I feel deeply honoured by every single student approaching me to walk this path together. This format brings together the most effective tools and techniques, personalized for your individual needs, to move you beyond personal barriers and towards the unique vision for your life.

These journeys allow me to draw from my experience across teaching, personal freedom and self-development to create a unique and powerful experience for you.


You will leave this program with:

  • 1 A personalized practice and a commitment to practice to empower you to experience life fully.
  • 2 Sankalpa & Sankalpa Shakti: Creating life from your heart by uncovering and nourishing your heartfelt desire and intention.
  • 3 Dharma: A life of purpose and passion.
  • 4 Karma: Understanding and uncovering conditioning and resistance for growth.
  • 5 A vision for the truest and most beautiful version of your life.


Mentoring with me is the right step for you if:

  • – You are craving a lasting, and powerful independent yoga practice
  • – You desire the effects of your yoga practice to not only spill into but shape your life
  • – You are seeking support in creating the life that you desire
  • – You want to realize your vision of working in the fields of self-development/yoga/meditation

I offer two different 3-month formats of mentoring:

8 weekly sessions, followed by weekly input via email for four weeks and one final face-to-face-session: set yourself up for the most truthful and powerful version of the life you already have. A big commitment to growth.

4 monthly sessions plus weekly input via email in between sessions: Take your time to digest every step and set a powerful foundation for continuous growth.