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Too often in life, we allow the important moments to go unnoticed. Either by ourselves or by others. My path opened my eyes to the sacredness of every moment and of the importance of ceremony. Through the conscious incorporation of rituals can we release what lies in the past, and welcome what lies ahead. It’s these moments of stillness, slowing down, and full awareness, that help us move back into the present.

The ceremonies I offer can be a very private ritual, where I will guide you through rituals, activity and stillness to mark a special occasion in your life. Or they can be shared with the people important to you.

We can craft a ceremony to honour the journey from maiden to mother, an upcoming wedding, a divorce or separation, a new home, a new job or career, and any other moment that feels important to you.

What is included?

  • – An initial discussion of your needs and expectations via phone or email to create the ceremony that you need
  • – A 90 minute, individualized ceremony
  • – A beautiful set-up either in a warm studio space in Dunedin central, or at your home or event location (travel fees might occur)
  • – Practices and Rituals as well as all necessary equipment

Practices and rituals might include (but are not limited to):

Breathwork – Singing/Chanting – Meditation – Yin Yoga – Dance/Shaking – Fire Ceremony – Water Ceremony – Sharing Circle

Private Ceremonies start from $250, send me a message to learn more. I would be honoured to mark a special occasion with you.

Thank you, Saskia for a wonderful women’s circle today. Such a beautiful safe and warming space to sit and share, meditate and experience with the caring Wahine gathered today. It was so empowering. I will definitely be back to the next one, I highly recommend it too! Much love and gratitude.