While I would consider myself a true introvert, I often struggled with times of loneliness in my life. In early 2019 I was finally able to let go of my self-pity and started working towards the deep and meaningful connections that I was craving. Out of my personal need for connection and meaning I developed ‘The New Moon Yin Circle’, a monthly women’s circle.

Through these events and the facilitation of Yin Yoga classes and events I was able to connect to my desire to offer safe spaces for people to connect with themselves and each other. Private sharing circles are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate special events in the journey of life.

My private circle facilitation includes a dreamy set-up, opening, closing, and special ceremonies and a safe and non-judgemental space to share. Depending on the background of your circle, we can include partner sharing, Mantra chanting, yoga, meditation, dance or ceremonial cacao. All parts of your sharing circle are individualized for your needs.

If you are looking for a way to mark a special event on your or someone else’s life’s journey (weddings, divorces, birthdays, menarche, or whatever is a special day in your life), I would love to facilitate a circle for you. The power of sharing and ceremony is a very special way to celebrate life in all its different shades of darkness and light.

Please send me a message to learn more about the possibilities for your event.

Thank you, Saskia for a wonderful women’s circle today. Such a beautiful safe and warming space to sit and share, meditate and experience with the caring Wahine gathered today. It was so empowering. I will definitely be back to the next one, I highly recommend it too! Much love and gratitude.