Legs lying on stones

Private Yin Yoga

Have you heard about the immense benefits of a regular Yin Yoga practise but feel uncomfortable coming to a public class? Do you feel like your body is too stiff and needs some extra attention?

I have a lot of experience creating a beneficial Yin Yoga practice for all kinds of bodies and people. Through the skilful use of props and support, we will find ways to make this practice accessible to you. Because everybody deserves to slow down and experience the life-changing magic of stillness.

Do you love my intentional Yin Yoga classes but my schedule doesn’t work for you? Would you like my full attention, guiding you through a Yin Yoga practice adjusted to your needs, helping you soften through the individualized use of props and the intentional use of light touch?

I have a few spaces per week for regular 1:1 or private group Yin Yoga sessions. These can happen either in the comfort of your own home, your workplace or in a studio space in Dunedin central, or online via zoom.

Send me a message to learn more.