Yoga & Coaching

Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga has made its way from the caves of the Himalayas into our modern-day life, brought forward by outstanding teachers in an unbroken line of mostly oral transmission. Tantra is a way of life and practice to realize what holds us back and empower the parts of ourselves that propel us forward to rise into the unique power that we carry within. Traditional Tantra has very little to do with what modern-day interpretations show us. Instead of short-term pleasure, true tantric practices awaken you to your true potential and help you grow beyond your wildest dreams. A teacher and a dedicated practice evolve you into the stable and strong pillar of light for the community that you already are.

You are the only one who can realize your own limitless potential. I am honoured to help you walk this path, with the techniques, tradition, and my own experience walking this path.

Reasons to Step into a personalized practice

1 Life is overwhelming. I’m constantly stressed out, but I don’t sleep well either. My mind has ultimate control over me.

2 Why am I here? One day blurs into the next and I don’t even know why I do all that stuff.

3 Every decision rips me apart. I never know what I need to do and I often feel overrun by all the things I said yes to.

4 I can’t find the strength to reach my goals. There’s always something in the way.

5 I don’t even know what I want. Who am I to reach for the stars?

6 No wonder I feel alone. I’m not enough.

7 Secretly, I dream of … But I don’t even allow myself to think about it, I don’t have the means to reach there anyways.

And so much more. But you are powerful beyond measure. And I am honoured to show you just how powerful you are.

Prices, Dates, and Structure

To offer you the safest possible space and the easiest way to commit to your practice, I am offering private classes in the comfort of your own home or office. If that option doesn’t resonate with you, we have the option to rent a studio space for our private yoga classes in Dunedin CBD.

A class length of 90 minutes offers us enough space and time to really tune in with yourself and what the practice can offer you. If that doesn’t suit your schedule, I also offer 60 and 75 min classes. Private classes can look quite differently each time, depending on your goals. We either focus on self-enquiry or drop into the body. If we work together medium- to long-term you receive a personalized practice to take home. A traditional class incorporates an Asana practice of your choice and adjusted to your needs, as well as Savasana, Pranayama and Meditation. Necessary props for our practice (mat, blocks, blanket) can be facilitated if you don’t have them at your home.

The price for this unique work depends on the length of your commitment. You might be already committed to a daily practice and only need a little outside input once in a while. Or you would like to dive deep into the growth potential of this practice and commit to a 3- or 6-month package. I have a multitude of packages to suit your individual needs, please send me a message to learn more.

Saskia Seeling in yoga pose reflected by the still surface of a lake

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a practice of slowing down and tuning in. Floor-based postures that are held for several minutes at a time offer the container to explore our inner discomforts – whether they are physical, mental, or emotional. Stretching of fascias allows not only for a physical but an energetic release as well. The practise of Yin Yoga is a practice of space. To create space, to take a look at what blocked those spaces, to get comfortable with the discomfort of space. Yin Yoga is one of the most powerful tools on the journey back to your heart that I experienced on my personal path. My Yin Yoga classes are simple practices, accessible for almost every body, created with the energetic maps of traditional tantric hatha yoga in mind.

Hatha Yoga

The practice of Hatha Yoga offers you a container to still your mind, connect your awareness with your body and the movement of energy within, and find strength not only in your body but your mind and heart as well. My Hatha Yoga classes use dynamic and steady Asanas to move Prana in the direction most beneficial for you. Following every posture, there will be the time and space for you to tune in with the energetic effects and familiarize yourself with the physical, mental, and emotional sensations.


Pranayama are ancient techniques to access the movement of Prana within your body through the tool of your breath. Depending on your individual needs, the physical part of your private class will be followed by breathing techniques that lengthen, shorten, or intensify any of the four parts of your breath (inhale, inhale-retention, exhale, exhale-retention). In doing so, we will further calm the mind and prepare it for meditation.


Every class finishes with meditation. Depending on your needs, I choose a specific kriya to calm your mind and establish and strengthen the connection to your heart. The duration of your meditation can be adjusted. Meditation classes are also offered separately.


The yogic practices using Mantra are potent tools to still the mind and access the heart cave. The specific vibrations of ancient vedic verses resonate with Prana moving through our bodies. I can offer you the integration of mantra in your Asana and Meditation practice or a stand-alone Mantra practice. Mantra practice is accessible for everyone, no matter if you were gifted with what society deems a ‘beautiful’ voice or not.