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Do you have trouble sleeping?
Do you easily leash out to your loved ones?
Do you have digestive issues?
Do you get sick as soon as you’re off work?

Whether you answered one or all of these questions with ‘Yes’ – you’re suffering from stress. A dis-ease that often becomes chronic. It rattles your body and mind, taking away the enjoyment and pleasure that life has to offer.

But – there’s a solution. Stop.

3 sessions to pause, reflect, and nurture your nervous system.
3 different yoga styles. All very accessible yet highly effective.
3 opportunities to stop and leave the hustle of life behind.

All levels are welcome. Come as you are. Leave rested, calm, and recharged.

Saskia’s yin classes are the closest to Authentic Ayurvedic Yoga that I’ve come across in Ōtepoti. Her grace with words, guidance and connection with the practice is amazing. I walk away feeling grounded, connected and much more at peace with myself than when I first enter, what a gift! I can’t recommend these classes enough.

Phoebe James, Dunedin

I tried yoga ten years ago but didn't really enjoy it as I was always made to feel uncomfortable by the teacher for not being as flexible and fit as the other students. I gave it a shot again with Saskia's yin class and loved it! This is a much more gentle and calm introduction to yoga than the aerobic exercises that you see on Youtube. There is also a welcoming environment for people who like me haven't done any yoga or who aren't as in shape as others. After every class, I feel much more calm and at ease with myself than I thought I ever would. I definitely would recommend this class for anyone that wants to try yoga but doesn't really know where to start.

Daniel, Dunedin