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Do you feel stagnant, sad, tired, or lazy?
Do you struggle to trust in life?
Are you keen to explore the subtler realms of your yoga practice?

Tantric Hatha Yoga is an ancient tradition of systematic techniques to create a unique and fulfilling life. First, we steady the moon (mind), then we rise the sun (prana or life-force), and finally, fuel the fire of transformation.

This 8-week course offers you an introduction to the traditional tantric view on yoga practice, tools to enhance your practice, and finally, a technique to create your personal and consistent sadhana (practice).

This course is stage two of your tantric Hatha journey – Sun. You will leave this course more vibrant, more alive, and more ready to excel on your path. A stable, calm, and grounded mind is a prerequisite for this course.

Saskia's Tantric Hatha Course was very thorough and really broke down the different aspects of creating a sadhana, a daily self-practice. Along with the weekly session we were also given different mediation recordings and explored those at home so we could really put it all together and discuss our experiences in class. This gave us so much time to ask Saskia questions and get guidance to assist in our practice. I loved that the asana or physical practice allowed space in between poses to feel the subtle shifts, unlike most yoga classes I have attended. I really learnt it doesn't take much to help improve your sense of peace and calm. Saskia has inspired me to commit to these practices and I am in awe of her style of teaching, she has so much wisdom to share.

Ashleigh H.

What you’ll take home:

– an upgrade of your yogic tools
– a deeper connection to Prana
– a systematic approach to your practice
– 4 meditation recordings to practice between classes
– your personal sadhana to practice for 40 days following the course

Each week has a different theme:

1 Sankalpa: Desire of your soul
2 Asana: Moving prana I
3 Pranayama: Moving prana II
4 Meditation: Uncovering your inner light
5 Mantra: Attuning to the subtle vibrations of life
6 Bandha: Creating boundaries I
7 Mudra: Creating boundaries II
8 Sadhana: Coming home to yourself

I’ve been in different classes with Saskia, and I think I’ve always had some kind of need or want for connection, with me and others. In each course, I found something different, but I can assure you, I’d always learnt something that has helped me relate with myself and others in a healthier and peaceful way.

Since the beginning, you’ll feel the dedication and love that Saskia pours into her work, and how she tries to transmit it to you. For me, it’s always been a great experience, where you surrender, you let go and enjoy the experience, and that will take you to wherever you need. Saskia’s classes and courses are a reward, a safe space to take care of myself, to grow and to listen to my inner world, and every time I feel content and happy that I joined.

So, obviously, I recommend that you attend one of her classes or courses and that you experience this balm of knowledge and peace that she will provide for you.

Marta R.

Please send me a message with any questions that arise. Traditional tantric hatha yoga is not to be confused with modern neo tantra. Rod Stryker speaks about what Tantra actually is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWL8D-TzNfI


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Full price: $199

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Remember your light and come home to yourself